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X Games SnoCross

X Games SnoCross — Новый спортивный симулятор фристайла с удивительной графикой и оформлением от команды ESPN. Очень много функций и возможностей:

* 6 SnoCross race tracks and 2 freestyle tracks, including daytime and night events
* Customize your sled and rider or play as Winter X Games medalists Levi LaVallee and Heath Frisby
* X Games Championship career events
* Freestyle mode with competitive scoring system
* 5 player Wi-Fi and 2 player Bluetooth multiplayer
* Multiple camera views
* Various levels of difficulty
* 8 preset control schemes including Responsive Tilt Steering
* Easy to pick up and play with innovative Steer Assist
* Listen to your own music in game
* ESPN BottomLine featuring X Games and sports news
* Graphics based on the Winter X Games broadcasts on ESPN

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